What a wonderful world

Nobody seemed to notice this funny irony. Thirld world countries (I was about to write some kind of politically correct euphemism like "emerging" or "developping", but unfortunately, none of the countries that are in the news right now are emerging or even developping - and most of them are not democracies) are burning Denmark and Norway embassies and boycotting products from these two countries.

Denmark and Norway, as most of Scandinavia, are the two most generous countries in this whole fucking stupid shitty medieval sick uneducated world. They top everybody else in foreign aid in percent (a lot of which goes to muslim countries, as you can see here for Denmark, and here for Norway). USA, Japan and France tops the list in absolute amounts of money. Just check for yourself in the OECD official statistics. Like the graph in page 21 of this american document :

Foreign aid graph

Once again, we see that religion, whatever religion, is 1. a wonderful political tool to manipulate suffering people and move their attention away from the corruption of their own regimes, 2. dangerous, 3. the epitome of hypocrisy (the kind like "I'm against abortion, except for my daughter", "Jesus said you have to love your neighbor, but we just killed 30.000 innocent civilians in Iraq", "Please do not mess with Islam, but let me tell you, the Shoah is a myth and all Jews are evil", "Respect my christian faith symbols, but let's have fun and draw some outrageous cartoons to piss off muslims", etc, etc).

Obey your imaginary gods of hate and lies if that makes you feel better, but please do it quietly. Keep it a personal matter. And also, don't burn the embassies of people who are helping you.

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