La gran nevada

The snow storm in Boston, in pictures, taken an hour ago. For some stupid reason, I woke up around 5 AM this morning, and it was fabulous. I've never seen that much snow falling in just one night. There is a strong blizzard, the temperature is around - 15 Celsius, and it's still snowing. Just to go to the Hospital was a whole adventure.

Here is what I saw from my window, from inside my appartment. The snow is blocking almost half of the view. I live in a basement by the way. I always liked underground things.

The same window from outside.

Here is my door, before I opened it.

And after I opened it. Half a meter of snow ! I've put a shoe to give an idea of the amount of snow. One more day and I had to dig a tunnel ! It looks like a perfect cut through a layer of geological deposits.

Same door seen from the street.

Same door seen from inside, after I dug a trench to be able to walk around.

My beautiful trench seen from the outside.

Going down my street and looking at it from the bottom.

Funny snow sculptures on top of cars. They look like big fishes, or sharks, with a long fin on top of them.

Some cars parked in Cambridge street.

A car completely engulfed in snow somewhere in Beacon Hill. Fortunately there is the rear-view mirror emerging, or we wouldn't know it's a car.

Some summer chairs and tables in the Hospital yard. Wanna sit and have a lemonade?

Let's end with the adventurous photographer, who suddenly realizes that he comes from a place where it almost never snows, and looks miserable.

[Update: some other pictures by fellow expatriate bloggers, first in Connecticut by Edouard Sale BÍte (one, two, three and four - nice serie about the dog reaction in front of the snow), and in another Boston neighborhood (Back Bay - it looks like we french expats always live in the most expensive neighborhoods, hehe) by Julien Pas Longtemps (one - lots of beautiful photos - and two)].

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