Sometimes this country really scares me. More exactly, its dark half. There are two USA (*), like there were two Spain for so long, before Spain became a modern country. One USA is composed by god-fearing bigots prisoners of their ignorance, traditions and strict self-righteous 18th century sense of morals. The other half is normal, nice, modern and progressist people. Of course I am simplifying. The only problem right now is that one member of the first half is the president. So what do we read in the first page of the newspapers today? The economical crisis in Latino-America? The war in Chechenya? The hypocrisy of Chirac when he officially invites some chinese dictator without even whispering a word about human right violations in this country? Talking about human right violations, maybe something about Guantanamo Bay?

No. The big scandal today is that Janet Jackson accidentally showed a breast (the right one, it's precised) during the half-time show of the SuperBowl. There are thousands of articles about it. Someone even asked the president what he thought about it. It's such a national scandal. Showing a breast. Our kids, you know, we need to protect them from such indecency. A breast! It's so ugly, the work of Satan without doubt. The children must not know about these evil things! They must stay pure and ignorant about female anatomy!

I think these idiots don't really know their kids. Children watch (too much) TV. They go to the movies. They connect to the internet. They talk together at school. A breast? Give me a break. Your kids, after two or three nights surfing on the net and instant messaging with their friends, probably know more than you and me about fistfucking and facial ejaculations, and they certainly can cite two or three porn actors or actresses and explain their speciality in graphical details.

What about some education and some teaching, instead of projecting into them your own taboos, fears, inhibitions and frustrations, instead of trying to hide or demonize stuff they already know?

Besides, breasts, with their nice and various shapes, colors and textures, are a beautiful creations of Mother Nature, and need to be respected and loved, not feared. Breasts are what make babies strong when they feed on them, and (male) adults happy when they put their head between them to sleep. They are the symbol of motherhood and pleasure. I'm going to create the Foundation for the Defense of Breasts.


(*) I try not to use the word "America", because technically this is the name of a continent, not of a country. Same goes for "Americans". My brasilian friends around here are americans, so I need to be precise. Now don't get me wrong: brasilians are weird too. But not as much as french anyway.

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