Voices in my head

- "You see, Frenchie, I think you are in denial, actually."

- "What the hell are you talking about?"

- "This foreign girl thing."

- "Not true. When you are with someone who does not come from the same culture as yours, every single day is a day of discovery. You learn new things all the time, and that's exciting, you see. Sometimes you have to learn a whole new language. It's fun. Plenty of shared laughes. Believe me."

- "Cut the crap now. You're still single, in case you don't remember. We are not living in a Disney world. How many languages did you actually learn because of a girl?"

- "Not a single one. I've started to learn at least three, but stopped after the girl left me. Or I left her. Whatever."

- "That's exactly what I'm talking about. This learning story you're talking about all the time is funny for the first few weeks. After that, it's a pain in the ass. Girls like to understand and be understood right away, without going through one or two layers of translation, you see. And believe me, it's going to be even worse with american women. The lack of common background is going to be a problem after a while, when this discovery fun has evaporated. What was your relationship that lasted the longest?"

- "It was with Laurence. We lived together for several years, in France, and after that she lived in New York while I was here in Boston, and it was very nice."

- "And she was?"

- "French."

- "You see. Welcome to the real world. Swedish girls end up with swedish guys when it's time to get serious, italian girls end up with italian guys, and same for the french. You're wasting your time with these dreams of yours. Go back to France and find a french girl."

- "You're talking like my mother."

- "Maybe your mother is right. How old are you, by the way?"

- "Shut up, please."

- "Remember last time you had to swallow your foreign dream? Man, you scared us this time. You looked like a zombie for months."

- "That was different, and you know why. It's over now. I don't want to talk about it anyway."

- "Yeah, it's different all the time. And when you went to your ex-girlfriend thirtieth birthday in Stockholm? How did her family remember you after ten years? "The latin lover" or something like that? That proves my point. You're just the exotic french guy that it is funny to be with for a few weeks."

- "It lasted much more than a few weeks with her."

- "Stop your denial and just wake up, my friend. Life is short."

- "Life is even shorter if you stop to dream. Waiter! Another Cuba Libre please. With a lot of rhum. Thanks."

Elle avait des yeux d'outremer,
Elle en montrait la déraison.
Elle avait la marche légère
Et de longues jambes de faon,
J'aimais déjà les étrangères
Quand j'étais un petit enfant

[Aragon, "Après l'Amour", dans "Le Roman Inachevé", mis en musique par Léo Ferré]

Merci à Manur pour les précisions!

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